5 best tips to secure the company against burglary

A break-in at the office, shop or warehouse can have major cost and emotional consequences. It's unpleasant to have uninvited guests and it's expensive in lost equipment, deductibles and delayed shipments.

Companies are an easy target for thieves, as they can quickly get their hands on a large amount of goods that can be quickly resold, e.g. IT equipment, designer furniture and interiors.

Theft protection is therefore an important investment for any company.

Here are 5 good tips to keep thieves at bay.

1. Have clear agreements about who closes and locks

Make sure that the last person always knows that he or she is the last to go home and therefore remembers to unlock. It might be an idea to have a to-do list of what windows and doors must be closed, which lights must remain on and how to set the alarm.

In addition, give all employees clear instructions so they know how to start the alarm system correctly.

2. Remove valuables from view - but do not draw the curtains

When the thief looks through the window and sees computer screens and designer furniture, it is tempting to break in. Be sure to remove valuables from their view: for example, put computers in a safe.

It can be tempting to just draw the curtains, but don't do it. It indicates to the thief that you are trying to hide valuables.

3. Put quality locks on doors and windows

Do all entrances to the office have a proper lock?

Are the windows worn or without proper locking systems?

Especially cellar doors and windows on the ground floor / basement, which do not face public roads, are often the thief's entrance to your office, shop or warehouse. Make it more difficult for them - have proper locks on both doors and windows, and put bars in the windows, for example.

4. Set up an alarm system with monitoring and signage

It is of course a good idea to have an alarm system with monitoring and signage.

A sign about an alarm can in many cases scare the thief away.

And of course always make sure the alarm is switched on. Then you are on the safe side, should the accident happen.

With a motion sensor, you can also keep an eye on your premises after closing hours. Then you get a notification on the phone if there is movement or if the alarm goes off.

5. Become a part of or start a business neighbor help

Just as there is neighborly assistance for private homes, it is also available for businesses. Sign up for your business neighbor's help and keep an eye on each other's offices or shops - during holidays this can be a great help, as your neighbors may be at the office even if you are not.

Feel free to have a chat with the neighbors so that you all agree on what is "normal" and what you have to react to.

Is there no business neighbor help among your neighbours? So start it! It is a good and free help for all of you.