Burg Wächter

Burg Wächter protects your valuables

Burg Wächter is one of Germany's leading brands when it comes to locks. In our shop, we have a large selection from the brand with everything from safes and key cabinets to padlocks and safety chains. You will find just what you need to secure your valuables at home, in the institution, at work or in your company. 


Burg Wächter locks and safes 

A small safe is obvious when you want to secure your valuables at home. Here you can easily store important papers such as wills, passports and baptismal certificates. In the office, you might need a slightly larger safe for folders with important papers. Burg Wächter produces both small, medium and large safes for your valuables. You can get models with finger scan, code lock or key. Sometimes it is also necessary to secure your belongings in a locker at work or school. In our selection you will find several good padlocks from the German brand. 

Burg Wächter is German quality 

German equals quality in many people's ears. This applies especially when we talk about locks. Here, quality is of course characterized by safety. This means security that your safe or padlock cannot