6 tips to secure your home for Christmas

Christmas is more than a celebration of the heart. It is these days that burglaries and thefts are really on the rise. Families are often gone for many days, and it is easy for thieves to see that you are not at home: the light is off, even if it is dark all day, the car is not in the garage and the snow has not been shoveled.

To help you secure your home for Christmas before you go on holiday, we have put together 6 tips to avoid break-ins:

1. Get a burglar alarm

First of all: get a burglar alarm – and preferably with a camera that activates, for example, when there is movement in a selected room. Then you can keep an eye out for intruders and call the police if there is a break-in.

When you set up your alarm system, you can advantageously put the supplied sticker on the doors and windows. In many cases, the stickers deter burglars.

2. Make an agreement with the neighbour

Find out if your neighbor is home during Christmas. Your neighbor can help you by putting trash in your trash can, walk to your door to put footprints in the snow, or even shovel snow for you! That way, the burglar cannot be sure that no one is coming home.

In addition, your neighbor can keep an eye on the house and call the police if anything looks suspicious.

3. Ensure doors and windows are locked with effective locking systems

Proper locks on doors and windows are very important for securing your home.

Take a look at the locks on the front door as well as basement and patio doors:

Is the key and lock system obsolete? The hallmark of a new, good key is the trapezoidal head - older models with a round head may need to be replaced.
Can your patio door be locked? Some patio doors do not use a key, and unfortunately they make it easy for thieves to break in and give the thief a quick escape route. Make sure you get a key for your patio door so you can lock it before you go on Christmas break.
Is the basement door secured? Even if the basement door is locked, it is often more difficult for neighbors to keep an eye on it. An extra lock on the cellar door makes it more difficult to break into.

4. Turn on the lights and sound - preferably with timers, so it looks natural

Leave some lights on during the Christmas days when you are not at home. You can also leave the TV on or turn on the radio. This makes it more difficult for the thief to see if anyone is home.

If you have smart systems, you can advantageously set a timer for lamps and Christmas lights. Then the home looks more lived-in.

If you have the option, you can also turn off the doorbell. Thieves often ring the doorbell before breaking in, but if the doorbell doesn't work, it can create uncertainty as to whether anyone is home.

5. Remove valuables so that they cannot be seen from the outside - but do not draw the curtains

Take a look through the windows: are your valuables easy to spot?

If so, you should move them so the thief can't see how much there is to steal in your home.

However, you should not draw the curtains to hide the valuables - this is a clear sign to the thief that you are not at home.

6. Lock your tool shed

Also remember to put a lock on the tool shed - and use it! If your shed is open, it is easier for the thief to find a ladder or tools to break into your home.