Burglary protection: Guide to new keys and locking systems

Both in private homes and in businesses, outdated locking systems and insecure keys are a problem. Your old locking systems and keys probably do not meet today's security requirements. This makes it easy for the thief to break into your home without leaving visible traces - which makes it harder for you to get insurance coverage.

If you want better security against burglary, it is therefore a good idea to ensure that all external doors have locks and keys that meet modern security requirements. We have collected 4 good tips on how you can secure your home against burglary with new locks and keys:

Replace the old keys with round heads

First of all, take a look at the keys to your home. Are the key heads round?

Round key heads are a sign that your locking system is outdated and thus insecure. These keys often have 5-7 pins, which means that the lock is easy to pry - therefore we recommend that you replace your locking systems with new keys with square heads.

Choose a patented locking system so that you are protected against illegal copying of your keys. This ensures that only you and your closest relatives can access a key to your home.

Choose a secure lock

In continuation of the above recommendation, it also makes sense that you go for a security-proof locking system when you replace locks and keys.

A good locking system has

High degree of protection against tampering – the number of pins on the key comes into play here
Keys that are copy protected
Drilling protection in the cylinder housing

Change the locks when you move into a new home

When you move into a new home, always change the locks: you don't know how many people have keys to the lock, and this is a big risk to run.

If you have burglaries where a key has been used, it is called "simple theft" and not burglary. In such situations, the insurance does not necessarily cover everything - for them to do this, there must be signs that something is broken. That's why changing lock systems is hugely important when you move in

Consider a Smart Home locking system

You can advantageously switch to a Smart Home locking system if it is time to upgrade the locks anyway. Smart Home locks are a good way to get better burglary protection.

With Smart Home, you get a security system that provides security in everyday life. Smart locks let you open the door with a code or via mobile, so you don't risk forgetting, losing or having the key stolen. You can also let tradesmen, cleaners etc. in without being at home yourself, which means you don't need to hide extra keys on the property.

In addition, smart locks can also be connected to a wide range of other systems, so you can, among other things, start monitoring or turn on lights if the door is opened - then you can scare the thief away and secure your home.