2 pextra+ 4060S-6 and 4007-6 Flex w/card and 6 keys

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pextra+ private Set, 2x4060, 1x4007, 3xkeys
1 piece. pextra+ 4060S-6 & 1 pc. pextra 4007-6 cylinder matt chrome w/card and 3 keys
The set consists of:
2 pcs. oval cylinder and 1 pc. mailbox cylinder + security card and 3 keys
Oval cylinder Approved in EN1303 protection level 60 (shell protection)
Patent until 2032
6 pin cylinder with QL side pin which ensures that the correct key is used and prevents the use of spanners and pry tools.
PX systems are used for smaller companies and private homes where high security and patent-protected keys are desired.
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Factory-made pextra+ keys are manufactured with it as standard
special flat cutting, which removes the traditional "serrated" key
sharp edges that wear on the cylinder and in the pocket. Flat cutting gives
soft and nice movement in the cylinder and extends the life of both key and
cylinder. At pextra+, we have increased the protection against hacking and manipulation
additionally on all cylinders that can be included in an approved locking unit
according to SS3522 with a magnetic pin in combination with a hardened pin.
Secure key management
pextra+ keys are patented and design protected for
year 2032. The keys may only be produced by a
locksmith chosen by the customer and approved by
dormakaba Denmark. Each key is registered and
sent on presentation of:
• Requisition
• Legitimation
QL function as standard
The pextra+ cylinder is based on a well-proven
functionally safe technology. The QL feature is a guarantee
so that the key sits correctly in the cylinder before
unlocking or unlocking. This ensures that the cylinder
functions, increases tamper protection
extends the lifespan.
Flex secures the door and reduces your expenses! pextra+ with flex function
gives you the opportunity to get new keys for, for example, the door of yours
apartment without having to change the lock. You just order new keys
at your dormakaba pextra+ partner and as soon as you have used the new ones
keys, the old ones no longer work - it couldn't be easier.

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