Ruko padlock RD2641 KL 2 D1200

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This padlock is unfortunately backordered by RUKO and we have therefore found an alternative from ABUS which we can code into Series 1200 with original RUKO drum, the padlock is the same security class as RUKO 2641.
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Ruko serie 1200
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EN1303 Sikringsniveau 60

ASSA ABLOY padlocks with black chrome surface have been on the market since 1991!

That is why we are happy to be able to present a new design, in the same good quality, in 2024

The stainless-look padlocks will be introduced continuously in 2024.

Fire at the factory

While we were working on our new design for the stainless look padlocks, a fire broke out in the factory in the area that makes the black surface padlock.

Which means that we now have a limited batch of the padlocks with a black surface.

Therefore, on some models, you will receive an intermediate solution in a stainless look (see picture) with the same item number as when you order the black padlock.

Product features Ruko Series 1200

What makes the RD2641 RUKO D12 Series 1200 Padlock a favorite among security conscious consumers? It starts with the patented D12 technology, which provides an extra security barrier against burglary. The lock cylinder is made up of 6 advanced pins with two code heights per pin and 12 code positions per key. This gives you a high degree of security and flexibility in your locking needs.

  • Multi-Purpose Lock: This padlock is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This means you can use it to lock everything from attics and basements to sheds and garages.

  • Materials and Finish: The lock comes in a strong sheath of brass, black chrome with green color marking. Its 8 mm hardened steel bar in bright chrome ensures additional robustness.

  • Approvals and Maintenance: The cylinder is approved according to DS/EN 1303:2005, which is used by insurance companies. For optimal performance, regular lubrication with ASSA ABLOY locking spray is recommended.

Key handling is made simple with the two keys and a code tag that comes with the lock. If the lock is to be recoded to a different key, no extra keys are included. The accompanying code tag is particularly important. The green code tag must be kept in a safe place and used to order extra lock cylinders, so that you can have the same keys for all your locks.

For all doors: the Series 1200 lock cylinders can be installed in all locks and fit Ruko's wide range of fittings. Series 1200 is available in three variants: polished chrome, polished brass and stainless look. Approvals and markings The cylinder meets requirements according to DS/EN 1303:2005 6/2, which are used by insurance companies. Maintenance Before the lock is used for the first time, it must be lubricated with ASSA ABLOY lock spray.

Facts Series 1200

  • Meets DS/EN 1303
  • Boring protection
  • Dirke fuse
  • Patented profile
  • Patented d12 technology
  • Keys made of nickel silver
  • Keys can only be copied by an approved Ruko dealer

ASSA ABLOY recommends that the lock is then lubricated at least every six months to ensure that it always functions optimally. The code tag is important As the owner of a Series 1200 lock, you must pay attention to the green code tag, shaped like a key. You must store it in a safe place so that you can always find it again. The code chip must be used to order extra locking cylinders and that way you can get the same key for your other external doors, the mailbox and the windows.

Ruko Padlocks - Security and Flexibility in One Solution

If you are looking for a padlock that combines strength, security and versatility, then Ruko padlocks are the obvious choice. Known for their robust design and innovative technologies, these padlocks ensure a high level of protection.

Robust Materials and Design

Ruko padlocks are made of quality materials such as brass and hardened steel, which contributes to the robustness of the lock. Looking at the Ruko Series 1200, the lock comes in a strong casing of brass, black chrome with green color marking and its 8mm hardened steel shackle in bright chrome adds further strength.

Choice of hanger height

Another advantage of Ruko padlocks is the option to choose between different hoop heights, including models with a high hoop. This makes them suitable for a variety of applications, from locking cupboards and boxes to more industrial applications.

Areas of application for Ruko Padlocks

For indoor and outdoor use

Whether you need to secure your basement, your garage, or simply want to lock a box, Ruko padlocks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Commercial Use

For companies that want to secure their property effectively, Ruko padlocks offer a high level of security thanks to their advanced locking mechanisms. They are approved according to DS/EN 1303:2005, which makes them approved by several insurance companies.

Containers and Shipping

Ruko padlocks are ideal for securing containers, especially in connection with ship freight. The high degree of security ensures that goods and equipment remain safely stored during transport or storage.

Warehouse hotels and storage rooms

In warehouse hotels where many people have access, a solid and reliable lock is important. Ruko padlocks with their robust design and advanced locking systems are an obvious choice for protecting customers' belongings.

Warehouses and warehouses

Securing storage facilities is essential to protect the company's goods and assets. Ruko padlocks are specially designed to resist physical attacks and are therefore an excellent choice for warehouses and warehouses.

Construction sites

Equipment and materials on construction sites are often subject to theft. A robust Ruko padlock can ensure that machines and tools are securely locked up after working hours.

Means of transport

Trucks, vans and other means of transport that are often parked in areas with limited security can benefit from the extra protection that a Ruko padlock offers.

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Do like many other security-conscious consumers and choose a Ruko padlock from With our wide range and competitive prices, you will easily find the solution that suits you best.

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