Ruko RD sampak 2602, 1607, 2641 RFL

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Safety in one package! Sampak D12 from Assa Abloy makes it easy to secure your entire home with one key. Get more for your money and less hassle.

The package contains:

  • 2 pcs. cylinders (1 oval and 1 rococo) for the front door
  • 1 piece. mailbox cylinder (version cam piece up)
  • 1 piece. padlock for the shed
  • 3 pieces. keys that match the above + 1 code tag
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Cylinder Brand series
Ruko serie 1200
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Approvals / classifications
EN1303 Sikringsniveau 60
ASSA ABLOY padlocks with black chrome surface have been on the market since 1991! therefore we are happy to be able to present a new design, in the same good quality. New padlocks will be introduced continuously in 2024 The padlocks in stainless look will be introduced continuously in 2024. Fire at the factory While we were working on our new design for the padlocks in stainless look, a fire broke out at the factory in the area that makes the padlock with a black surface. Which means that we now have a limited batch of the padlocks with a black surface. Therefore, on some models, you will receive an intermediate solution in a stainless look (see picture) with the same item number as when you order the black padlock.

Sampak D12 is the ultimate solution when you want complete security for your home. This pack from Assa Abloy comes with:

  • 2 front door cylinders: One oval and one rococo, for the double door.
  • 1 mailbox cylinder: With the comb piece up. (Do you need a different export? Contact us.)
  • 1 padlock: Perfect for the shed or garage.
  • 3 keys + 1 code tag: They all fit the above locks.

Important to know:

  • The mailbox lock is always with the comb piece up. It is not recommended to change this yourself.
  • The new RUKO Oval cylinders cannot be changed to Kasselås cylinders.

So if you want a key that fits it all, the Sampak D12 is the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Note that in the brass version, only the two cylinders are in brass.

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