Ruko padlock 2641 without cylinder

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Cylinder Brand series
Ruko Serie 6 stift
Cylinder type

ASSA ABLOY padlocks with black chrome surface have been on the market since 1991!

That is why we are happy to be able to present a new design, in the same good quality, in 2024

The stainless-look padlocks will be introduced continuously in 2024.

Fire at the factory

While we were working on our new design for the stainless look padlocks, a fire broke out in the factory in the area that makes the black surface padlock.

Which means that we now have a limited batch of the padlocks with a black surface.

Therefore, on some models, you will receive an intermediate solution in a stainless look (see picture) with the same item number as when you order the black padlock.

Series 600 - not recommended for exterior doors

Series 600 can be recognized by the trapezoidal key head. Series 600 has drill protection and the cylinder contains only 6 pins. The key is therefore not recommended for locking homes, as the technology behind it no longer meets the requirements you should set for locking your external doors.

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