Ruko window lock 1680

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For windows that want to be secured against burglary, unwanted opening or as a child lock.
Locks by lightly pressing the cylinder without the use of a key and can then only be opened with a key. The key can be removed in both locked and unlocked positions.

Technical specifications
Can be mounted on right, left and top-hung windows. Supplied complete with screws and end plate for both outward- and inward-facing windows. Cabinet approved for windows.
White locking cap and shiny chrome cylinder.

If the lock is mounted on a window that is defined as an escape opening, etc. it requires the approval of the authorities.

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Cylinder Brand series
Ruko Serie 6 stift
Cylinder type

Series 600 - not recommended for exterior doors

Series 600 can be recognized by the trapezoidal key head. Series 600 has drill protection and the cylinder contains only 6 pins. The key is therefore not recommended for locking homes, as the technology behind it no longer meets the requirements you should set for locking your external doors.

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