Cyl. RG3611 RS.

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Impact-resistant safety cylinder, outer part, used where high security is desired. It fits all doors with a Connect or module lock box and doors with edge bar locks where the lock box is for an oval cylinder.

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Cylinder Brand series
RUKO Garant Plus
Cylinder type
Approvals / classifications
EN1303 Sikringsniveau 60

Technical specification

The impact-resistant safety cylinder is equipped with an s-drum, so that it meets the strictest requirements for safety. The cylinder is fixed with 4 hardened screws and is also equipped with a hardened drill protection plate and hardened pins, which provide particularly good protection against attack.

Accessories are ordered separately. Accessories consist of 1 pc. cylinder cover (e.g. 136347), 1 pc. cylinder ring (e.g. 136060), 1 pc. spring ring (250035), 4 pcs. hardened screw (e.g. 793367), possibly extension parts and extended screws (934003)

Approvals and markings

The cylinder meets the requirements of EN 1303:2005 6/2, which i.a. comes from the insurance companies. In addition, the cylinder is prepared for the new EN 1303:2013 grade 6/D standard.

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