Ruko padlock 2641 Guarantee+

EAN/GLN number
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Padlock for indoor and outdoor locking of e.g. attic and basement rooms.

Technical specifications
RG2640: Latch lock with hardened steel shackle.
RG2641: Forced closing with hardened steel bracket.
RG2645: Forced closing with brass bracket.
Brass cap, black chrome with green color marking.

Padlock fitting PL200, PL202.

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Cylinder Brand series
RUKO Garant Plus
Cylinder type

ASSA ABLOY padlocks with black chrome surface have been on the market since 1991!

That is why we are happy to be able to present a new design, in the same good quality, in 2024

The stainless-look padlocks will be introduced continuously in 2024.

Fire at the factory

While we were working on our new design for the stainless look padlocks, a fire broke out in the factory in the area that makes the black surface padlock.

Which means that we now have a limited batch of the padlocks with a black surface.

Therefore, on some models, you will receive an intermediate solution in a stainless look (see picture) with the same item number as when you order the black padlock.

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