Lock RM1612 Kr H w/tin ring

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Cylinder Brand series
RUKO Merkur
Cylinder type
Approvals / classifications
DS/EN 1303 grade 6/2

Merkur 401 is a patented locking system with good security, key control and full flexibility. The fact that we choose to name our locking system with the name Merkur 401 has arisen from our desire to constantly challenge the existing and have ambitions to make it a little better. The ASSA ABLOY universe will change continuously – because patents expire, new technological possibilities arise and we are constantly getting smarter.

The number 401 refers to Mercury's position in our security barometer. Merkur is placed in our second highest safety category (category 4), which is a good safety level. Merkur 401 is suitable for housing associations, sports clubs, holiday homes etc., and can advantageously replace older locking systems such as Series 500 and Series 600.

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