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TS4641 is a class 4 force-closing lock with Ø13 mm shackle, shackle height 40 mm. Chrome-plated, hardened steel hanger, hardened steel sheath with black chrome. The cylinder is equipped with hardened pins in the cylinder housing and drum, which provide particularly good protection against attack. Use padlock bracket PL205 (H) or PL2036 (V).

Approvals and markings

The cylinder is approved according to DS/EN 1303:2005 6/2, which is used by insurance companies.
The padlock is approved according to EN12320 edition 1, class 4, grade 5 and SSFN 014 edition 2

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Cylinder Brand series
RUKO Triton
Cylinder type
Approvals / classifications
EN 1303 grade 6/2

Safety in Triton 501

Highest security level

Meets DS/EN 1303 grade 6/2

  • Boring protection
  • Dirke fuse
  • 2 locking systems
  • Unique codes
  • Patented key profile
  • Patented technology
  • Page code with 5 pins
  • Key control

Three security levels in the same locking system

The starting point of the locking system is a Triton 501 high-security cylinder, which of course meets the highest requirements according to EN 1303 and more.

In addition, cylinders with the second highest security, called Triton 401, can also be included. Those cylinders can be used for premises that do not need the highest class of security. This makes the Triton 501 a cost-effective solution, where each individual user only needs one key.

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