Keybak 5B black w/chain

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Keyback w/chain original (bk). The original KeyBak with 600mm. chain and belt clip.
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The key puller that got KEY-BAK started in 1948, the Original Series Retractable Key Ring is a heavy-duty key wheel guaranteed to outlast the competition. The Original Series Retractable Key Ring is popular for its vintage look and the flexibility of customizing the roll to your specifications. Choose either the retractable 24" vintage steel chain or the retractable cord made with DuPont ™ Kevlar ® fiber. Next, choose between a classic cold-rolled steel chrome front or a more eye-catching black vinyl cover. Finally, if you'd like to attach the key coil to your side, choose a stationary steel belt clip. Although often copied, there has still never been another retractable key wheel that matches the quality, durability or versatility of the original KEY-BAK retractable key ring. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Lasts up to 10 times longer and is protected by a 1-year warranty Made in the USA with global materials Produce 90% less waste than disposable reels, keychains and leashes The stainless steel spring is housed in a 2" durable stainless steel case 1.25" Galvanized, spring-hardened steel, corrosion-resistant split ring Available with steel belt clip in black color Backed by a lifetime service policy

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