Keybak RATCH-IT w/1.2 m. Kevlar cord, Carabiner hook

Ratch-It Locking Carabiner The key ring conveniently locks the reel in 5" increments, making this a popular reel for securing machine keys or small tools. Built in the USA with globally sourced materials, the Ratch-It features a strong molded black polycarbonate case and a retractable cord made with DuPont ™ Kevlar® - fiber.
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Attach your keys or small tools to the split ring and attach the carabiner to your belt clip, work belt or backpack. When you need your keys, just pull them out and the roll locks automatically. When you're done, give the wheel a little jerk and let it go, the built-in tether retracts into place until you need to use your keys again. When you have to use your keys a lot and don't want tension on them while using them, then Ratch-It is a good option for you. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Lasts up to 10 times longer and is protected by a 1-year warranty Made in the USA with global materials. KEY-BAK ECO-REELS produce 90% less waste than disposable reels, keyrings and reins Heavy duty aramid fiber cord with a minimum breaking strength of 80 lb Built-in ratchet mechanism that locks in 5" increments Stainless steel spring in a durable 2" diameter polycarbonate housing Snap-on zinc alloy carabiner conveniently on belt loops, bags or purses Backed by a lifetime service policy Heavy Duty retraction force holds up to 8 oz. and has a reach of 48” with 15 key capacities

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