Burg padlock with code Combi 71 25 SB

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The adjustable combination lock Combi Lock 71 The smart combination lock Combi Lock 71 from BURG-WÄCHTER reliably protects and protects This padlock is equipped with three adjustable number wheels with which you can choose your personal code (factory setting 0-0-0) chrome-plated on this model.
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Burg Wächter
Cylinder type
Location (inside/outside) none Product outer width 22.80 mm Product outer height 60.30 mm Product outer depth 13.20 mm Packaging unit 10.00 pcs Weight 0.048 kg bracket height (inside) 16.40 mm bracket strength 3.40 mm temple size (inside) 11.60 mm Inside stainless None Seawater resistant, rustproof No main material Zinc die-cast Incl. Mounting material None

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