BURG padlock with code combi lock 23 C 70 SB

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The robust U-lock Circle 23 Optimal protection against wind and weather. Plus a hardened bracket and almost no surface for break-in tools. With this combination, the Circle 23 U-lock scores, making the round lock a real all-rounder for use both indoors and outdoors. The choice is yours when you open and close Circle 23. Because you can easily change the four-digit number code to your favorite of 10,0000 possible combinations. Big advantage of a combination lock: You can't lose, misplace or forget the key...
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Burg Wächter
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Stainless steel housing meets hardened chrome hardware The body of the Round U-Lock Circle 23 is made of stainless steel. The padlock is thus well protected against rust. The same naturally applies to the chrome-plated, hardened, nine-millimeter-thick bracket. Thanks to the special construction, the bracket is protected from being pinched open. For example, hanging Circle 23 on a bar makes it difficult for criminals to find an attack point. To prevent scratches and scuffs, the Circle 23 lock has a rubber bumper. As a result, the modern stainless steel housing remains as beautiful for a long time as it was on the first day. Circle padlock - open and close with your favorite code Use the small handle on the front to open and close the U-lock. With the correct four-digit code, you move the brace in or out of the body. Of course, if the combination of numbers is wrong, the hoop cannot be moved. The slot on the back is used to change the number code. After a quarter of a turn clockwise - for example with a coin - set your chosen code. After returning the slot, the new combination applies. Location (inside/outside) none Product outer width 72.00 mm Product outer height 71.00 mm Product outer depth 28.00 mm Packaging unit 5.00 pcs Weight 0.262 kg bracket height (inside) 16.50 mm bracket strength 10.00 mm temple size (inside) 24.50 mm Inside stainless None Seawater resistant, rustproof No main material steel Incl. Mounting material None

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