BURG padlock with code combi lock 97 50 SB

Combination lock Numero 97 - Solid padlock in two sizes Strong cast quality, classic design: With the Numero 97 padlock you can easily secure your property. And all without a key. Because you open and close the Numero 97 combination lock with a four-digit number combination. Of course, you decide the numerical code yourself and can change it at any time with a few simple steps. As a safety bonus, press the locking pin in the lock body up or down when opening and closing. Only then can the locking bracket be moved. Numero 97 is equipped with high-quality corrosion protection for outdoor use in wind and weather. It can of course also be used indoors for a wide range of applications. The shackle and parts of the locking mechanism are hardened. Furthermore, the shackle on the robust padlock provides great resistance to being pulled out. The Numero 97 combination lock thus guarantees a high degree of protection against attempted burglaries. In addition, the padlock is comfortable to hold thanks to its straight shape.
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Burg Wächter
Cylinder type
Four smoothly running and robust number wheels The padlock 97 is available in two sizes: On the one hand, the smaller model with a body width of 40 millimeters and a hoop height of 32 millimeters. Next to it is the larger version (body width: 50 mm) with a goggle height of 34 millimeters. Both padlocks are characterized by robust but smoothly running number wheels. This means that you will be able to enjoy Numero 97 for a long time. The padlock is suitable for a wide range of uses. You can use the combination lock to lock your garden shed, doors or cellar. You can of course also secure garden furniture or tools in combination with a spiral cable. Location (inside/outside) none Product outer width 47.00 mm Product outer height 108.40 mm Product outer depth 15.20 mm Packaging unit 5.00 pcs Weight 0.289 kg bracket height (inside) 30.90 mm bracket strength 8.90 mm temple size (inside) 23.40 mm Inside stainless None Seawater resistant, rustproof No main material Zinc die-cast Incl. Mounting material None

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