Yale Doorman MPL - 2115mm - Dorm measure 50 mm, Left,

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Product features Yale Doorman is an electronic lock that is used for exterior doors in houses or apartments where there is a desired 3-point lock box and is operated with either a code, remote control or electronic key fob. Completely dependent on individual needs.
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Assa Abloy Opening Solutions Denmark
3 options for unlocking: code (6 digits), key fob or remote control. Remove or add key fobs easily and quickly. Up to 10 key tags can be registered per lock. Up to 10 different user codes can be registered per lock. A key tag can be registered on 6 different locks. Up to 5 remote controls can be registered per lock. Menu with Danish voice guide. 3 optional sound settings: high, low or silent. Possibility of automatic locking (optional) - the handle must be lifted up to lock. Possibility of an optional (4-digit) day code (24 hours). Low battery warning. Emergency opening from the outside with external 9V battery. Emergency opening with twist grip from the inside. Codes, key fobs and remote control remain stored during battery change. Burglar alarm (80dB). Possibility of external safety (deactivation of internal twist grip). NB: Outdoor security must only be used when all persons have left the home. Technical specifications Exterior long sign with door handle and keyboard. Dimensions mm: H:290, W:46, D:23.2 Internal long sign with door handle, battery box and twist handle. Dimensions mm: H:290, W:64, D:37 Lock box (3-point version). Drill protection. Security final look 1487-2. 2 pcs. door handle pins (various lengths). Screws and accessories. 4 pcs. AA batteries. Manuals. 3 pieces. key fobs. NB: Remote controls are purchased separately.

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